Why YZI?

Young Zone India is a playground to evolve and innovate an artist within you. It is the place to learn, teach and experience new things. It is the network of artists to connect with like-minded people.


YZI is for all type of youth, performing artists, freelancers, startups, businesses and many more. This is a forum to grow, a place to get noticed and become recognised!


At YZI, we believe in 3G’s – Get (Learn), Grow (Perform) and Give (Contribute). 


We provide opportunities to work, perform and showcase your talent & skills. We trust in creating an environment to give the Young Indian every chance to succeed. 


We are YZI’ans which is a group of passionate artists of all types who live their dream by getting, growing and giving to others. We believe that India has great strength; having the best Youth around the world!


Join us, volunteer, learn, practice, get feedback, showcase talent, get exposure and grow. Be a YZI’an!


Jai Hind.